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1.5m Prime Focus Satellite Dish Antenna

1.5m Prime Focus Satellite Dish Antenna

Product name : 1.5m Prime Focus Satellite Dish Antenna
Item : NS16102
Details :
1.5m Prime Focus Satellite Dish Antenna

Product Description

Petal: 6 
Diameter: 150CM 
C band Gain: 4GHz 32.80dB 
KU band Gain @ 12.45GHz 44.26dB 
Focal length 570MM 
Material Steel plate 
Finishing Polyester Powder Coating 
Support Ground Mount or Polar Mount 
Color: White/gray 
Elevation angle range: 0-90 
Azimuth 0 -360 
Aperture efficiency: 75% 
F/D ratio 0.38 
Pole diameter acceptable: 60mm 
Ambient temperature: -25 - +55 
Ralative humidity: 0 - 100% 
Thickness: 0.6mm/0.5mm 
Wind speed 
Operational: 25m/sec 
Survival: 40m/sec 
Not damage 60m/sec 
Working environmental temperature -40--+60 
Individual packing with foam: 420PCS/20 container 
Bulk pack: /nude pack with accessories 10 set/carton: 960PCS/20 container

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