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Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna 60cm

Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna 60cm

Product name : Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna 60cm
Item : NS16204
Details :
Ku Band Satellite Dish Antenna 

Product Description

Ku-band 60cm satellite dish antenna 

1. Material: Steel board & polyester powder coating 
2. Packaging: Dish in bulk & carton 
. Cheap price & well design 

Ku-band Gain 12.5GHz 36.67dB 
Caliber 60x65cm 
Thickness 0.4-0.7mm 
Focus length 393mm 
Material Steel 
Surface Ploy coating 
Stand wall mount bracket 
Angle of elevation 0-90 degrees 
Azimuth 0-360 degrees 
Work temperature -40 ~ +60 
Relative humidity 0~100% 
Survival wind 180km/h.


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